Consultancy Services

Knometa Research is led by former IC Insights co-founder and vice president, Trevor Yancey, a seasoned industry analyst who since 1988 has tracked semiconductor technology advancements and market dynamics.

knometa research, semiconductor manufacturing trends
Technology Understanding

Providing knowledge information on advancements in semiconductor front-end and back-end manufacturing technologies, computing and communications functionalities, and software capabilities.

trevor-yancey, knometa research, semiconductor market analysis
Market Predictions

Providing supply and demand market dynamics for high-tech industries, successfully forecasting growth potential in wide ranging market segments, and finding useful ways to show market trends.

knometa research, teardowns
Teardown Analysis

Providing first-hand knowledge of new chip technologies via teardowns of the latest smartphones and other devices. Chips are examined from the package all the way down to the die level.

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