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Global Wafer Capacity

Launched in 2007, the Global Wafer Capacity report is a leading resource for understanding the industry's fab capacity.

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Teardown Services

Knometa disassembles the latest smartphones and other devices to gain insights into the latest chip technologies.


Who is Knometa?

Knometa Research is led by former IC Insights co-founder and vice president, Trevor Yancey, a seasoned industry analyst who since 1988 has tracked semiconductor technology advancements and market dynamics.

  • 1997: Mr. Yancey co-founded IC Insights with Bill McClean and Brian Matas.
  • 2014: Established as an independent contractor working for TechSearch International and IC Insights.
  • 2021: Took ownership of Global Wafer Capacity, a report Mr. Yancey created and launched in 2007 as an IC Insights executive
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IC Insights discontinued business in December 2022



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Technology Understanding

In his long career Mr. Yancey has pursued an understanding of advancements in semiconductor front-end and back-end manufacturing technologies, computing and communications functionalities, and software capabilities.

trevor-yancey, knometa research, semiconductor analysis, semiconductor trends
Market Predictions

Since the late 1980s Mr. Yancey has been studying supply and demand market dynamics for high-tech industries, successfully forecasting growth potential in wide ranging market segments, and finding useful ways to show market trends.

knometa research, teardown service
Teardown Analysis

Knometa has first-hand knowledge of new chip technologies via teardowns of the latest smartphones and other devices. Chips are examined from the package all the way down to the die level. Detailed reports are sold by Knometa-partner TechSearch International.

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