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Ownership of Global Wafer Capacity report transferred to former IC Insights executive, Trevor Yancey
knometa research, global semiconductor analysis, Global Wafer Capacity 2022
As part of IC Insights’ recent efforts to focus on The McClean Report, business pertaining to the Global Wafer Capacity report has been transferred to Trevor Yancey, a co-founder of IC Insights currently working independently as Knometa Research.

First as executive of IC Insights and then as independent consultant, Mr. Yancey has always served as the lead analyst and project manager for the Global Wafer Capacity report since it was launched in 2007. Mr. Yancey has been updating the report on a contract basis since 2015.

Work on a 2022 edition of the report is underway with publication scheduled for late January. This and future updates to the report will be sold by Knometa Research.

The Global Wafer Capacity 2022 report is available for purchase here.

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