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2024 edition of Global Wafer Capacity report now available
Knometa Research has completed the 17th annual edition of Global Wafer Capacity. The report analyzes the impact from the 12% decline in IC unit shipments during 2023. This was the steepest drop in units since the 21% collapse in 2001.

Despite the downturn, global IC wafer capacity still expanded 5% in 2023. While capacity grew, IC manufacturers pulled back sharply on wafer starts in response to falling chip demand, causing capacity utilization rates to decline significantly.
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A rebound in demand for ICs began in the later part of 2023 and is expected to continue in 2024. Most market analysts are predicting healthy growth for the chip industry for at least the next couple years.

Led both by the outlook calling for better days ahead and by governments around the world investing money to improve local semiconductor supply chains, a record number of new IC fabs are scheduled to be brought online in 2025. The Global Wafer Capacity report looks at this coming surge in capacity and analyzes the potential for an overcapacity situation in the years ahead.

The report is available for purchase here.

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